Why become a Member


What do you want, what bridge do you need help to cross? What do you need?


We cannot possibly know everything, if we share, we will know


I need to find in me what will show me the best part of life


A journey that makes sense to me with A solid foundation built out of trust

Be prepared for tests and challenges from members – be prepared to be wise and a friend

What do you need?  –   What do you want?

It is for you to decide to Choose your way Tell your story and know that in the replies you get, you may be challenged compared to your own understanding. Tell what you are seeking. Trust yourself, and trust that you will get the answers you need. Wisdom and respect, You ask to see the best part of life, whether that is to get to know yourself better, improve ourselves as a person, reassess business ideas, make difficult decisions, or to move on. Find an opportunity

BUT KNOW - WE ARE HERE FOR THE SAME REASON that I am ME and MY life is Private, Personal and Professional - as yours is. I am not in competition with anyone, in BY-INVITATION-ONLY. I invite you to be hear about ME and MY challenges and MY life's trouble. It is not a story; this is MY life as ME. It's not free; it's hard work every day to conquer challenges and answer life's questions.


In CAL forum, we will always support each other, we aim to make our days better days, we help each other for better lives, better understanding and knowing yourself and encourage you to trust in you. We aim for each one of us to succeed. We stick to the guidelines we use life coaching as a tool from good to great. All members must read terms of use.If you have any questions or doubt contact cal@coachingandlife.com