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member of - CAL - coaching and life for RPL - Is a wish to do better through being wise.

Instruction for use of CAL


Why you should join CAL

First, you have to find out which member-ship matches your wishes for change. This is the first choice you make. Think what you want and how you want to work it.

ME-MEMBER – a place to write your story

MY-MEMBER – a place to exchange skills and knowledge

BY INVITATION ONLY-MEMBER – a place where we use the story for better knowledge and skills.

The site is for everyone, who want to improve his or her life for the better; the SITE can be used by anyone. Whether you are a life Coach, Mentor, businessperson or a life-experienced person. We are everyday confronted by questions:

How to make the right decision?

How can I change my situation?

How can I change Things?

How can I improve my life?

Am I present in what I do?

I want to work more efficiently

I want to improve my relationships

I want to change my thinking

I want to start doing …


What you will find here in CAL

A online Network of people just like you and me, that are trying to do our best, and have dreams, and wants to improve, and wants to do better tomorrow, be a better person, be better at work, to learn how to behave in conflict situations.

CAL is a place to seek help to tackle all these questions and topics of life.

Be prepared, to be tested – be prepared, to be challenged – be prepared, for questions, be prepare to tell your story.

We agree to, when we sign up, to work our way through all topics with Decency, Openness, Kindness, Self-controlled, Respect for one another, with whatever it takes to keep the right level.

We use the SITE because we need input, something to think about, food for thought, and notable, memorable and because we want good input to make good choices in life.


How to use the SITE CAL


Tell your story and know that in the replies you get, you may be challenged compared to your own understanding. Tell what you are seeking. Trust yourself, and trust that you will get the answers you need.

Use the SITE with wisdom and respect, when you tell your story and when you give your wisdom.

Know the difference in the forum because of your membership. Be a good MEMBER.

Use CAL wisely. CAL is a place where we ask questions and seek among you and me for good answers how to make better choices in life.

What is the right thing for me to do?

  • Please give me options to choose from?
  • Please, give me options to choice from?
  • What am I not thinking
  • What if it is as it is?
  • Move on – to where?
  • What is my way?


We join to improve

We join CAL because we aim, we aim for the better, we seek tools and skills to improve, whether that is to get to know yourself better, improve ourselves as person, reassess business ideas, make difficult decisions, or to move on. Within CAL you find an opportunity

Be prepared to be tested

Aim to be challenged

Exchange knowledge

If you have any questions or doubt contact support@coachingandlife.com


At CAL forum, we will always support each other, we aim to make our days better days, we help each other for better lives, better understanding knowing yourself and encourage you to trust in you. We aim for each one of us to succeed. Believing in yourself, trust and do it make your life the life you want, so when you look back, you did it

We stick to the guidelines we use life coaching as a tool from good to great.

Please notify CAL at support@coachingandlife.com if you read or hear anything on the pages that is not aligned with the law, good practice of coaching or the guidelines. All members must read terms of use before using the forum.

Now it is your turn

JOIN CAL,  to tell your STORY.

Know that here, you are because you want to

Here you get feed back, you are the difference, what you do matters.


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