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Making a difference – Love – Daring – Creativity – Commitment – Abundance – Dreaming – Enthusiasm – Faith – Persistence – Trust – Believe – is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Let talk about dreams

Time will tell it all

Say yes, to your dream and start working on it today, start by telling your dream, you need to tell it, – you need to form it – , you need to hear yourself say it, you need to dream it, you need to see it.  – You need to see yourself doing what it is – .

To talk about your dream is a first step.

To work on your dream is a lifelong job, a never ending story, that is, what you will become.

Are you ready, join us and tell your dreams.

Your Dream

Your Dream –  What Makes You,

What makes the difference in your life if not your dream.

All it takes – is all you have

Dreams do come true, it is hard work. It is a seed that needs to grow. You are the energy that makes it happen.

All it is, is what you have

It takes all you have, and it is your way.

It is not a lottery ticket. That comes in the door by itself.

It is a chance

To use your life for what you have within,  is a venture, it is a DREAM and It is only for you, it is something very special.

It is worth your life, because you will spend your most precious time working your dream, you will be thinking and working on it while everyone else is either having fun or relaxing in front of the TV.

It is a path of joy

From within and can only be discovered if you try. If you listen to the stories from people, who has lived their dream, you will see in the eyes. You know.

Your Dream can come true. If you decide that you will do it, because you know within that it is the right thing for you to do. You know, and you know it takes courage to do it.

Do it because it is your character, do it because it will form you, do it because you will think about it all your life.

Do it because it is the work you enjoy, do it because you can.

Your Dream

Your dream will form you, and it will make you, who you are, it will become part of you. You will be one.


  • If you decide not to do it,
  • that too will form you,
  • that too will become part of you,
  • that too will be your life, something you will do everyday.

JUMP- FIND OUT – what you need to know, start making the changes you want, do it, not because of anything, just because it makes you feel good and it is, who you really are.

One way could be to start by telling your story in ME take your member-ship to By Invitation Only, do what it takes, you know you have it.

Use the forum to support each other, to be the friend you wish you had had, help like you wish others had helped you.

Make the difference

You can do it, you are ready.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO CHOOSE is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

CAL coachingandlife for RPL

Dreams come true if you work them,

Dreams do not – if you wish

It is what you do, that makes a wish change to a “dream come true”

Live your dream, talk about your dream, see your dream, feel your dream.

If you do not believe in your dream no one will, and if you do not make it happen no one will.

Then it remains a wish.

It is only worth something if you do it. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

And REMEMBER it all starts with ONE – One Brick, One step, One word, One wish…

Join the network get the feedback you need to make your wish turn into your dream to come true

CAL coachingandlife for RPL

Any forum in CAL builds on decency, politeness, support, kindness, help and understanding. It is a place where, we share to improve ourselves. It is a place, where each of us take the time to do decent and good. We aim to be the friend we never had. We are all experienced people and we share our ways.

We tell our story within CAL to improve our own doing, to find our own outcome, we seek to improve ourselves. To be a better ME with MY knowledge. To BE WHO I AM.

We can do anything, we cannot do everything, that is the challenge and our choice to make for that will determine our outcome.

Our way to create the right thing and for the right choices will give us the outcome, we are seeking and balance in our lives.

Be proud of, what you do, and do what is right for you

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