We hope we reached out to you

Our wish is, that we reached out to you

Through our different memberships there is a way to improve and make a difference not only in your own life, but for all of us.

What we do makes a difference.

ME for what is happening in my life, tell your story be vocal. Help each other to know and listen to their feedback

MY for what skills I need to achieve, use the skills to do even better, this is to help me to be in peace and in my right place

BY INVITATION ONLY for those of us that want to mix the two: our life stories and what skills we use to create, cope, learn and move on.

The idea to separate ME and MY is that in ME we tell our story to be listened to, to hear what others do? Or have done, we hear what happened, we listen to each other, we help each other, and we hope we reach out to you. You will never walk alone.

The Idea with MY is to help each other with life knowledge, life competence, life know-how, life strength, life awareness, life achievements, if we want our results to change, what life skills do we need to achieve or goals? We challenge each other on life knowledge and life awareness.

The idea with BY INVITATION ONLY is to use our life stories and life situations and to look and see what knowledge, awareness, know-how, expertise are we using. What skills in our situation needs to be improved, If we want the situation to change. We cannot change others, we can change ourselves and the way we face and work what we do.

We hope CAL reached out to you and that you will find new ways to make the difference in your life.


From all of us in CAL to you, we hope you will get joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room space for your to express yourself and may your story help others. We learn so much for one an other, remember CAL does not have the answer, CAL makes the room for you.

IT TAKES STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are,  in this World, which constantly wants to CHANGE you, to make you fit, only you know WHO you are and what potential you have, and you need to be be brave, be strong, be WHO you are

HOME is where you feel LOVE

You go to a place where you have

Peace of Mind & where you are loved for whom you are.

That is home that is where you are going.