The power of knowing

The power of 10 good reason to know, because had I just known

Had I known

Had I known, that it would take me here, where I am, where I stand, with the challenges I face, I would never have walked the walk.

The question is, is this true, would you never have walk the walk, do we know where this will take us, before we see the sun there is darkness.

If this is the case, what and why are these things happens to us.

If we look at why, why are you not belonging, what do other see that you yourself cannot see, why is it that we think we belong, that we have found the perfect place, and still we see, that others do not see the same thing.

We try so hard to fit in, we try to see, we hear and, we feel, and we do all we can to see if we can fit in, we try to be one of them, we see if they will like us, we tell them the things we think they want to hear, we strive all we can see if there is a match, that we are accepted and we keep silent, we try to do our best, not to do anything that at all we try to see if we can be and are

Try to close your eyes and think for a moment, when did you try all you could to fit in, and know that whatever you did, there was not the match you were looking for.

Is mindfulness a way of creating a way to our inner knowledge, our inner pictures of where we belong, how do we strive to take ourselves to the outcome of where to go- how do we know that there is a better match, if we feel that we do not belong, does this mean that the other sees it too or vice versa, see if we all really think about it, we are the only once that know that we do not feel like this is us,


What are the missing elements, why do we feel that we need to move on?

That is a process, that we have to think and walk through, we say to ourselves I love it here, and still I know that in order to do it as I want, I need to move on, I cannot stay here.

I cannot say what it is within, that is moving me, taking me to another place it is just inside out, there is something with so strong that it is making things happening.

We know –  we are and that we do. We know  –  we seek, and we get the outcome and the result of our efforts, we too know that if there is a match according to our inner picture, our outcome that things comes easy, our mind is mindful, we need mindfulness if we do not see our outcome, where we are going.

We can always decide to look at what we are doing in a different way, what if we think of a journey in a car, we have this great new car, and we have decided to take it to a destination, how far would you go before you would decide to ask for directions, help or advice.

In life there is no pause from life or directions we can only keep moving on, there is no return, there is no pause, we can only make it.

We have no course, there is only to strive, keep moving from what we think is right. We can make many detours, we can do many things that take us off the road,

Can we change the direction?

Do you really know where you are going? Look around and see, most of the people that are working hard and have great results, they know where there are going and why, they have set their goals early in life, and they strive and work hard for many reasons for the outcome they have set off for. It seems like we humans need experience in the form of knowledge and knowhow, awareness and a clear picture of where we want to go to achieve it. We cannot not have a goal, we need to set our minds up to achieve something, and this something must be within a range for us not to go down with stress or burn out.

We see so many todays get burned out, how do we get burned out if we are heading the right way, doing thing that are what we want? Or is that the case that we do not do what we want, we do too much of things that are for others, are not for us, we need to have the inner calmness the peace of mind to understand and see our inner perfect picture.

At work we stop, we make strategy, we make plans and we have implementation plans and evaluation, we know that we cannot just keep on going, that we need to stop and see evaluate are what we are doing taking us to where we want to,


 We know that if we do not seek information, skills, knowledge and awareness, we do not become the best in our fields,

How often do we speak with someone about our lives, or what we are doing right? How often do we have this talk with ourselves or with someone close to us that can understand us?

When we get married, then we decide to go on a journey with someone else, we walk next to each other and we face challenges and adventures together and we know, that no matter what happens, we are together and that what we do matters to others, we know we have decided to take the journey together.

This life time is fast moving and when we decide to walk together we have a common journey, sometimes this breaks due to, that we thought we knew, we see a picture, and we have the responsibility to tell how we see this picture, we cannot come back years later and say this was not what we expected, we need to understand, we are and we have the force to tell where we are going, and can we make the journey together. Yes, we can, there are so many good reasons to do it together to be and take the adventure together, for one reason you not alone, you have someone who can tell your story, we know the feeling of being and belonging, it is very powerful. Our mind our soul too gets someone to interact with, someone to be challenged by and someone to open up for, we have a chance to do better, that is why some say smart couples end up rich in all aspects of life, because together you can do so much more.

How can others see, if we know that we are not in our right place or environment?

Why do we find it strange that others can feel and are aware of this too, why is it not okay to be different, why are we all the time seeking a stream of alike? We even do say it, equal children play best, we seek people that are the same as ourselves, we find it strange when people have other manners than we know, we find it difficult to understand and at times even more difficult just to ask, what the difference is.

If we ask, we are doomed and if we don’t ask we are doomed,

So no matter what we do, that is a trap of differences that is difficult to find our way around. Some to do even pay attention to that there are differences, whereas for another that is the first thing we notice.

To have teams at work, with different capabilities, this we know is a strength, why do we not think that is a strength in our daily lives?


Do you know the journey? Looking back it was never hard,

We did it, we manage to find our way a solution and to overcome the challenges, we know our capability and nothing is true unless we say it is.

So why would you trust someone else, give other the powers of determining if something becomes real or not, your mindset, your peace, your clarity is the key to getting the outcome you want and see.

Stay clear, have a peaceful mind, use mindfulness to create the inner knowledge and wisdom you need to believe you, you are the only one that can make the difference, and it is only worth something if you do it.

Are you ready? What excuses do we find, what holds us back, why do we postpone the job, the things that are taking us places where you want to be. If you have been bullied, if you have been harassed you know that the things said and done stays with you for a very long time, it is very difficult to let go of the doubt no matter how hard you try.


What skills are needed, what would a best friend say,

What would a great and good advice be, what would you be open to listen to.

We know that often what is missing is our own ability to see and hear what is going on and taking place, we know that many times, when time goes on and we look back, we get to see the situation or what happened in a different light, this light we do not have access to in the heat of the actions, where we are so focused on what to do.

If we start using our mind the right way, get the peace, the silence that takes us to have access to our power, we will see the light, that is why mindfulness is very powerful. It is a tool a way for us to see our inner picture, the outcome we have for ourselves and the have flexibility to understand that others have their inner picture and they may not be the same.

Can we help each other on the journey or?

We can help and join each other on the way, we can travel together for a period then we will see that we find our own way, look back we see that there are people that we did never think we could live without and then years later we suddenly discover that they have not been in our lives for some time.

Life is a puzzle and it is alive. We learn we grow and we place our bricks where we want for the time we want.

What values are missing?

There are often several values missing and we see that the better we are at analyzing and getting the right elements into place the faster and better we get the results that we want. If we speak correctly to each other, if we show respect, if we accept that we are different in our way and where we are going we will see and notice that we get so much more from each other.

Why me, sometimes we ask ourselves the question why me, why is this happening to me, why me. Look inside and you will know, if you find the moment you know why this happened to you. What you overlooked, what you decided not to do, where you let yourself stand. You are the only one who can look out for you. No one but you know what you need, what you have and what you are missing. It is what you tell yourself it is, nothing more or nothing less, it is only what you make of it.


How can I do, what it takes, this we never know

All we do know is that if you really want to, if you have the desire, if you have the discipline and are willing to do what it take, you will make it.  Often you look out to find the solution, we search all the wrong places, we have forgotten that we inside out, have the answer we could never know that it could be different if we did know that there would be something better. We have the answers inside. We need to use tools that can give us the mindset that can help us see the answers and find the way, the right way for us to move on and forward.

Why can I not see what others are seeing. We can and we do, sometimes we are the other part, the one where people say that we do not understand them.

How would I do it, is the best and the first question to ask, move forward and be an original be the best you can and be to others as you would want them to be to you.

Would I do it, if we can understand we can do it, if we can understand we can to accept what is happening, therefore the information and the knowledge that can take us new places does not have to be because we are the same, it can be because we are different.

The best advice does not have to come from one like you, it can

It can-  but does not have to, the best knowledge and wisdom can come from anyone.

We are all stars

We all have a role to play and most important of all We are the only one who knows what it takes and who can make the difference.

Make it happen – because you can!