Stop Stress

Stress comes in many forms and shapes in common for all shapes is,
that it is a call from within a voice from your inner asking you to change something
That is what you need to look for - WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?

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Template - Start the Change


Template - Stress the wrong road


Template - The Pain inside

The first step is to look inside and decide that this must Change

~ Stress is a bridge to cross and
Information, Support, and Guidance
are needed - insight in:
Change -

What do you need to see? Use the template to discover what action you need to take


Stress is within, no One can see that you are stressed,
It is up to you to learn your own way and

WHAT-is happening for you
WHY-why do you let it happen WHY
HOW-do you MOVE ON

- learn to know your way

WHY do you have Pain Inside, what
is the pain trying to Help you with?

What is it doing for you?

What is ~ that you do not take responsibility for?

Coach Your-Self First Step
Use the Templates to make the first Move

If you need Life Coaching?
- to get back on track or find out your way
- use the Awareness and Support a Life Coach
Can give you - to get your life back on the right track for you.
Use the Forum's for the daily DAY-TO-DAY

Life coaching is Powerful

Stress is a Voice from within
that you MUST Listen to