Open Your Eyes – The story You Tell, Has So Much Power Do you Know It

Do you know how powerful you are?

Do you know if you open up your eyes, how much value you bring to the table?

Open your eyes to see, what is happening around you, where you are going and the steps you are taking.

Open your eyes and see all around you as it is. Be proud of where you are and know what you see is what you do.

Open your eyes and look around, why do you say that to me. I was sitting in taxi going home, and the taxi driver said to me, open your eyes, see all these people here are all going to those busses, and they pay $50 a person for the bus, but a taxi for 4 is $50, open your eyes and see. I stroke me, open your eyes my dear and see, you see what you want to see. For these people, the trip is an all-around trip, so they do not see that the trip to the boat is so much less, for them it is an all-around trip.


That is just the point, for the taxi driver he sees his lost trips, and the travelers see a stop on the journey with a bus.


Open your eyes and see what you focus on, what are you giving your attention


It is not what is cheapest, or what is the right thing to do, it is what is the best thing for you, and from here you take your view.

For the taxi driver, he sees so much business coming out the door. All the trips for $50. The people that bought the trip want an all-inclusive price, the people arranging the trip wants to keep it simple and have control over the group (they cannot have a 400-people coming to take taxis)

When you look at this story it is easy to see, that from each angle of the same situation is different stories and they are all right. There is not one who is not telling the truth and doing it for the right reason.

This is a simple story and easy to see, your life where you stand, you are one part and it can be difficult to come above one’s own intentions.

You need to be very aware of that

There is never a second change for the first impression


It is never the story you tell, it is how you tell it, it can only be done one time and that is the time you have to do your best and that is the impression you give

Your story is so powerful, because


Take a look here – no one listens to you, everyone listens to reply


Telling your story to a person you love, they do not hear, what you say, they hear what you feel and will reply to your feelings


Telling our story to someone, who wants something from you, they do not hear what you say, they hear if you have the same view or agenda as they do.


Telling your story to someone, who wants to have your vote or agreement, they do not hear what you say, they listen to how to reply so they have your support.


Looking from another angle


Telling your story to someone outside your world

Telling your story to someone you do not know, they hear what you say, the words you use, they may not have an agenda with your, they hear from where they are and what reply does that give?

Telling your story to someone you do not know, they hear, what you say as how they understand the words you use, and you will get an reply as from their world

Telling your story – Gives your options


Your story is so powerful, because it holds the key for you. However, you choose to look at it, as you see it right for you, is the response and reply you seek. You will keep telling your story until you find that right key or clue that makes you move on. You have the key

That is why, when you share our story.  You seek the power to  ( ? ) – what are you seeking?


Trust what you see


You know what you see, and if you see that way that is the right way for you. We are so fortune in that we can see things just the way we want to. No one can tell you that what you see it not right.

It is for you.

Trust what you see, because that is what you will believe.

I am in the situation where I want a new job, yet I see no jobs for me right now. Why is that when there are 1000 and 1000 of jobs out there. – Because the jobs I see are not what I want –

So what do I want, and as soon as I know what I want, those will be the jobs that I see.


When I was pregnant, I saw pregnant women all around in the supermarket, at work, in the airport. Today I seldom see anyone who is pregnant, sitting here I cannot recall when I saw someone who was pregnant. Can you ?


You must trust what you see, it is your world and what you see is what you want to add to your life story.

What you see, is telling you where you are, and you must find within the way to what is right for you. It is not what is it is what you actually see. It is how you tell the story.


Never wait for a different story


There is never going to be a different story, as you see it, that is how it is. Time will change and you will feel differently about it, that will change, give yourself the trust and confidence that this is your story and this is part of your journey.

I feel embarrass, humiliated at work, I feel that what they did to me was so wrong, I will that all I have worked for fell apart, and it did and it has. That is what happened to me. Work and bosses sees things very differently, they have their own agenda with their own justification to the situation. They do not go home and think – I did something wrong or bad. They think, I did what I had to do make this even better, I have done the right thing. So same story from different sides.

When someone hurts you, that is your story, and they story will change over time, because your feelings change, if you decide to wait for a different way of looking at your story, it is not because the story changes it is because you change the way you look at it.

Trust what you know


You take next step from where you stand today.

It is not what happens, it is how you choose to react to what happens. Like it is not what is said to you, it is how you react to it.

Smile until you know, what you want to do.

Smile until you know, what is the right thing for you to do

Smile until you know, what is right thing for you to do.

Do not give yourself away, once you have said just a little you give away your stand. This life is for you. This life is your chance, this life is what you decide it to be.

Trust what you have within.


Trust what you feel


You feel and you react from how you feel. You feel what is right for you. This does not involve anyone else but you.

I think it is wonderful that we have something that no one can see and take away from us, no matter what.

I feel what I feel, you feel what you feel.

That is how it is no matter what we do. Our feelings belongs to us.

Google can show us the world on-line, but they can never give you the feeling you have when you stand there. Love can give us the best feeling in the world, and you can never give that feeling  to someone else that feeling belongs to solely you.

Trust what you feel, because it is how you react. This may not be the way you want to react, but it is the way you feel. Admire yourself for having the feelings you do, it makes you unique, no one can copy that, even if they try.


Do the right thing


There is only one right thing to do, and that is do what is right for you.

When you tell your story, you choose to tell your story to people from who you get the feedback you know. When you tell your story to someone you do not know, you do not know the feedback you get. That is what can open your eyes.

Open your eyes and give you options to choose from.  It is your choice not matter what. It is the information and the level you seek, that decides on which level you move on.

Give yourself the eye opening you seek.

Open your eyes and see who you are


If you are happy, now that you see happy things, if you seek dreams that is what you see all around you. Your world is what you decide to see.

You are as you say you are. No one decides what you are except you. It is from how you see yourself that you do. If you have dreams you take action towards dreams. If you are scared things around you are dangerous, if you are in love everyone around you is in love.

Take a look at who you are, and know that your next move in a second is what you see what you do.

You may do of different reasons, and most of us do out of love, so much in this world happens out of love, yet depending on from where you see it, you take different stands.

How are we all going to be and fit in, because look inside. You need to be one you would like, one who does things the way you want to be treated.

That is the power of what you see.


Open your eyes and see what you do


Next move should take you to a better position, be a better next step to what you want to achieve, and you know what actions takes you to plus.

You know that if you use anger, you will get minus, there is no story that can be told negatively that will bring a positive outcome. If you feel joy, the people around you feel peace and balance.

You know that if you use yelling, scream and shouting that the people around you get scared and sad, this will never give you accomplishments and good doings, no matter what no one want to stay where there is yelling and screaming you want to move on, get away.

When you decide to do something do what is right for you, for the right reasons for you. Do because you want to be a friend, do because you want to move on.

Do it the right way, the way you would want someone to do it to you.


Open your eyes and do


Every day you do, it is not possible not to. Time is a driver that can never be paused, there is no return, but there is a fresh start every day, hour or minute. You can change what you do right now.

Or now

Or now

Open your eyes and see what you do, open your eyes and see if what you think is taking you to do the things you want.

Open your eyes to see if the result you are getting is the result you want. Open your eyes and start looking for what you want, because that is what you are going to see and that is what you are going to support, and that is what the people you meet will agree with you on. Because it is all around you.

What you see, that is how it is.

Open your eyes and know who you are

Open your eyes and know who you are, because you are so powerful, what you give voice is what will be strengthen and what you give force is what will get more power.

Open your eyes and see the enormous power you have, when you decide to give it your best.

Open your eyes to know, that as you see it, is how you do and how you react. There is so many worlds out there and they are all right.

They question for you is, which one do you give your power to, and which one do you want to be a part of.

The power is yours and It is a choice for you to choose. It is what you see





It open my eyes on how much value – I can bring on the table