The Hidden Mystery Behind Top Life Coaches

Article about Top Life Coaches and What the Really do

What is the trick behind top life coaches to achieve top results, what is that they do, that we are all searching for, is it just a trick to learn or what is behind the mystery?

Is it something, that we can all learn and do, or is it for the few to achieve. Mystery in coaching is a strength within, it is not to be seen, it is to be experienced. You know when you meet a great mentor or coach. What is it that the top life coaches do?

Close your eyes for a second and remember your last visit with a great coach or a mentor. What is it that was the mystery behind their capability when talking with you. How did they make you feel doing the time you spend with them? When we close our eyes and breath dead we get the feeling back, we may even smell and hear some of the things that were present at that point in time.

What is it that is so strong for us?

We had the feeling of acceptance without limit, just like a flower just before it blooms, we can do anything, and we belong, we are who we are, and they understand us what we say, they use their skills to in a good manner to guide and make ourselves see that if we want a different outcome there are other ways to achieve the goal. They would never use the words like better ways, they say there are other ways.

The mystery of top life coaches is their capability to see the situation, to know when to add suggestion for improvements, so that they do not interrupt the rapport that they have. They listen to the story to find our who we are, to get an understanding of how fast or slow we move ourselves in the story and what our key points.

One of the mysteries can be, that when we are ourselves, relaxed, all inner defenses are down, makes us all beautiful and we are just like a flower, excited, looking for what next to do, we know there is a next step, and we are open for new ways of solving our challenges we see and hear, what we could do differently to achieve our outcome.

The Top Life Coaches help us, by making sure, that we have our outcome in focus, our focus is centered on what we want to achieve, this many times makes us open for the suggestions that there are several ways of coming and achieving the outcome we are looking for.

What is the mystery, one of them can be, that while we are focused on outcome, looking at our dream, we do not pay attention to that we are ourselves suggesting many options to how to do, what it takes to achieve or get the out-come we are seeking?

The mystery could be coaching for the inner edge, to help and guide us to take that next step and go that next level in our own inner world. It is only I that can do it. Only I that can make the change and only I that have a fully understanding of what that perfect outcome is.

Yes I can describe it, and yes, I can paint a picture for you to see, of what it is that I see and what I want, but the feeling and really understanding it, this I am the only one to know. That is the difference to unfold.

One of the mysteries behind top life coaches is the secret of doing nothing, just listening really listening and just letting room for the inner voice to break through. Behind the silence there is a langue, behind the face their silence gives room and space for something within, that is silent to find a way and get a voice for our understanding. That is who we really are, when we open for our own inner suggestions for ways of solving our way.

Has the voice been silent too long?

Did you ever hear someone one day say, I have come too far away from myself, it is not me, I need and want to do something else, I break out, I need to find myself.

Why do we stress out, why do we lose our temper, of all the things that we could choice to do, why do we make the choice to do something that often put us in an even worse situation? Why not act wise? What makes us use the extra strength we get to do things that takes us to even worse place.

The mystery of good life coaching is to find and use the skills that we have within in the right way, use our inner good energy for the right purpose in our lives. We all want a good life, with the things that gives good meaning for us, and we are so lucky that there is something for all of us, what is right for me, is not what is right for you.

We are unique each one of us, we have something within and all it needs is a chance and guidance. To have a good life coach can mean all the difference in the world to us, because it gives us a chance to find the solution and way we by ourselves have difficulties seeing, hearing or feeling.

Did you ever tell someone a story and when the person asked you to the story you told, you were surprised of the question they asked, somehow the questions they asked was far away from your world.

Did the top life coaches hear your story, did the pay attention and where they present? Those are the questions you ask yourself, but did you ever think about, that maybe, what they heard is very different from, what you experience, it is not within their mindset, they never even new this was possible, hearing your story can be an eye opener and give a very different meaning. Therefore, the questions they ask comes from where they stand in life.

We all assume when we tell our story, that is places others on the same side and place as we are, this is not the facts and the case, that is why, we see things differently in life or even the whole perspective. Instead of getting angry, frustrated one suggestions is to choose a good way, wait, in the silence you buy yourself time, just stop yourself and wait, and do the reflection of all the questions you could ask me, why did you pick this question?

The questions we ask are coming from, where we stand, therefore we sometimes ask stupid questions because we just do not get it.

How could we that world that we get a pick into is so different from our own world, so how can we ask a wise question or how can we even ask a question that makes sense to others than ourselves. Top life coaches know so much better, they do not ask questions from where they stand, they ask question to fold the story even more out and make the person who is telling the story aware of the situation, what is that we see, what is it that you tell, can you see it yourself, do you have the same pictures as we do.

Let me give you an example from top life coaches

To let us feel great and to let us really understand, we need to find our own limits and we need the awareness to understand what impact we have not only on ourselves but also on the people around us, so when we visit a great life coach, one of the best skills that they can add to the conversation is the ability to let us unfold our story, tell as much as we can, so we can ourselves see what it is that we are actually saying.

We do not see ourselves, we see our own good intentions, and they can be very good, and we have to be honest our intensions do not always take us to the outcome that we want. We do the best we know, this does not mean that we have the right to get angry and upset because our doing is not taking us to the outcome.

We get angry and upset, because our intension was to get the best result, and our intention was to get that through our behavior and act. Succesfull top life coaches knows that intentions is not something to relay on, that intentions are a good and great wish, but we must all look at the good act, what will really happen.

First the mystery is to find out how much do you really want this, and are you that sure that you really want it. See if you are so eager to get it, why have you not been working on it or working on it right now, what is holding you back.

A great coach helps you find out what is holding you back from achieving the goals you seek, and it is all up to you to tell your story, so that your coach has a chance to know and see what is holding you back. This will properly come from you as you are the only, who knows no one can really know except you.

The mystery behind coaching is that there is out there a coach with some of the same mind-set as ourselves and the closer our mind-set is to one another, the faster you and your coach will understand one another.

A great coach is your result, your light and you enlighten, that is what is so hard and difficult that it is the result that others achieve that measure how well you work your skills. If you find a great coach that is for your awareness and for you to work well to find your understanding and achievements in life. Use this space to achieve your outcome and find the awareness in yourself. When you have a great life coach or life mentor, you know because you have the peace of mind and your work quietly to fore fill the outcome you are looking for.

If you do not have time for coaching use the network to find the awareness within. There are many ways of finding out how to solve our life topics and challenges. The best is that we get a chance to tell our story and the best is to get good feedback on choices to choose.

When we use our inner strength to create good results for ourselves, we take steps in the right direction for ourselves and when we do good things for ourselves we get strength to be something more for others in our lives. Be your best and do what is needed because when you know that there is something better within. Find it and feel it.

by CAL Coachingandlife for RPL

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