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Are you searching for life coaching books? If yes – then this chapter is just for you.

Seeking new information and wanting to read is a great way to hear and learn the story of others, we learn so much for reading the story of others. We get to align with our own life and wishes in so many ways.

When we start looking for books to read, we do because

There is; something you would like to know? What do you want to know?

Reading the story of others anything adds to our own life in all ways, if we are stuck and what to seek inspiration we need to take ourselves out of the context that we are in right now. Do something else, read other books, look for something that you would not have chosen, because you want to be inspired and you want to open up for new thinking.

We want to be or we want to change we want to, maybe you do not know at this point what you want, maybe you only have an idea, may you do not know at all, you are just bored in your own life.

  • All input has influence on what we do, what we see, what we want to. It is not possible for us to read or learn new things without it having some form of input.
  • To choose input that can inspire you to take next step in the direction, you aim, is great input and knowledge do achieve. I chose to do because
  • To choose input that can give you a better understanding of life is great input.
  • To choose is to do, and make a choice to read books that will enrich your life, can only benefit for better outcome.
  • There is; something you would like to add to your own life?
  • What are you seeking?

It is always nice when you know what you are looking for, that is like going into a store and pick a product down from the shell. You know what you are looking and it is right there it is only to pick it up, when we seek new knowledge or there are things in our minds that are not that simple, we cannot find out why we do not feel right.

Sometimes when we look at someone or we read in the magazine, let us take the couple that everyone knows and has read about Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Did they not have it all, where they not what the whole world was dreaming about, they had it all family, fame, friends and money. The world followed every step and they did all the right things. How can it then for them feel wrong, what is that we do not see? Hear? Feel?

This is not for us to know, all we have to do is look at ourselves. We know how difficult it is to hold on, keep the family together, and understand each other during the challenge of raising kids and having a career. We all know, that there needs to be so much more, than the short flash of a world, which is shown in 2 pictures and 50 words, and for most of us it is a flash of world that is not even ours, and that we do not even understand.

What is is like to be famous living in a spotlight judge every minute for all your doings. Who can take that, when most of us feel that we are let down if we face 5 people that do not like us.But they are a very good example to the world, we strive to be like them, and we can only admire their hard work to make it happen.  They have done things, shown us what to do to be even better. We use these role models and good examples of life for us to improve ourselves and find way to do. We seek to learn and we seek to know and achieve ourselves.

From reading good books, or anything you read, we do to achieve and we have something within.

  • There is: something telling you that there is more to achieve?
  • What do you want to learn?

From the stories we read, we see, hear or feel our own picture of what it is like and even if we read the same story, we may not notice the same thing.

Our understanding comes from, where we stand or where our mind is. Or said in another way, you understand, from where you are in life today, the level that you are on, the topics that fills up your mind.

We ask questions from where we stand, and there is so much to be learning and discovered from the stories of others, or learning new life coaching tools getting to hear how others do and have done, what was their learning.

In small topics and things in life, we may know and learn by doing; but sometimes, what I would not give to have a great mentor for life’s challenges. Life’s topics and challenges, we have great mentors in our parents, and at times we just what either something different or somethingelse. There is, something telling you, that there are more to be uncovered

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Using all your own questions in your reading, and finding your own way, taking yourself from good to great that is the best adventure you can have.
  • There is, something telling you, that you can improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Who do you want to be?
  • There is: something telling you that you can discover and learn eve more
  • What are you and who do you want to be?

The book you are seeking is out there and what you are seeking to know is out there too, you may not find what you are looking first or second time around, but if you keep searching you will find and you will discover what you are looking for, it is there.

Books about life coaching are on many levels in life, and one of the good things is just to start, if you think there is something just try, and try again, not finding it the first time does not mean that you fail it means that you are on your way, it is not the destination that is interesting for you, it is the time you will spend, the journey and what will define you later.

We recommend these Life coaching books

Books from Stephen R. CoveyStephen R. Covey
Books By Stephen R. Covey, gives great insight of our habits and why we do what we do. There is so much learning from understanding, what our habits does to us, who we are, what others experience.


Books from Martha N. BeckMartha N. Beck
The book by Martha N. Beck, finding your own north star, claiming the life you were meant to live. Finding a good book to read to learn, find the right book to read to learn, all books have something, and one book we can read at one time in our lives and the same book if we take that later in life, it will make no sense to us.


Anthony Robbins
Books by Anthony Robbins, to find your strength and to know what your potential is.

Life coaching books gives us choices, books give us time to find the meaning for us, books is the story telling of what other life experienced people have been though, learn dog seen. We can in a shorter time collect the knowledge and awareness of what we need to know, need to start practicing if we to achieve what we are seeking.

Where we are right now, we have for long been doing to achieve no matter what, we have been pursuing our goals for – no matter what –  fame no matter what it would cost us – famous for the fame, we read of the success the feeling of being the one selected and we dream away.

What is it all about, why is it so important to be a success, famous, the one.

Reading is to get aware, it is to find new ways. It is learning and understanding because, you right now are sitting with questions you would like to have answered, and you are seeking to upgrade your knowledge. Life coaching, mindfulness are strong tools, and if all the books you will find, there is a story from which you will learn, if the book is on the same level as you find yourself.

We listen, when we are in peace and calm, when we know that the once we are with wants what is good for us, they let us be who we are, and the brings out the best in you, you know when you have been with them that you are the best you can be. That is what we seek in all the life coaching books, mindfulness books that we read, something that can tell us, show us how to bring out the best in us.

None of us wants to spend time on feeling hurt, being angry or being sad, we want to feel good, we want to feel great and as mentioned above we are willing to do almost anything to get it or find it.

The books that we read uses life coaching from the angle that the author has experienced the tool or the technique, and from this we can all learn a lot, we can if we really listen get an understanding of what is present for the success and what is not present.

Life coaching can be read from many angles and it is our own way of opening up for changes that is the way in, some listen through jokes, when you light up and you make a joke about it, the will hear it, others need to hear it in a low voice and clear talk other when you talk load, and some even has to be told this is what happens if you do not listen.

Life coaching books we choice to read, because we know that we do not have the balance we know is possible, we are not aware of why we are not in balance or the ability to be ourselves in the present. We feel scared, we feel weak, we feel sad, somehow something has changed the way we feel about ourselves and what we can do, and we need to find our way back to what is really us.

Where did it go wrong, what happened so that we are looking for life coaching books that can help us find our way back to what is right for us.

The change can be huge or the change we are seeking can be a small change, what we are seeking is to get the balance of our lives to be happy, glad and joyful, knowing pleasure in life, getting energy and good things from what we do, to surround ourselves with people that bring out the best in us.

Why are we not true to ourselves what are the compromises that we have done and why did we do them. Do we need to know that, why, what will that help is, do we need to understand why we compromise and do we need to go into why did we do them? Or do we need to move on, learn how to do better, listen to the techniques that one can use to stay true to oneself. What will it give you to let go of all the past doing, and look for good skills for all future doing, by reading and learning from the story of others. That is what we do in CAL we use the life stories to learn from and we give each other feedback to that is like a live book.

Lifecoaching and techniques is great tools and to read bow to improve your life inside out, is one of the best mindful things to do for oneself.

When we understand ourselves, we can use our talents and our skills in a whole different way. When we start trusting, and relaying on ourselves. We find in ourselves our best friend, and when we keep our promises to ourselves we build up strength and abundance; which gives us a light of integrity, that will be envied in a good way  by others, because when you are among a person that is, who he is, then you really feel the strength and the integrity.

Good reading can inspire you and all you have to do is use your questions for searching, and then you will discover that there are so many great books that to be read, just what you need. There is never anything read that is wasted, maybe you will not, use it right now, maybe you will use it right away and it takes up so much of your mind, that you want to read even more.

One of the great ways to find out where you are is by making a group in CAL and start asking the questions that you have. If no questions come to mind, then jump out, look in a store for a book, and pick one with a nice picture, sometimes we just have to do it.

It is not always that we know and understand our own moves, or why we cannot find the peace of mind that we are seeking or why we face all the trouble that we do. Life is not fair, live is not easy, it is what we say it is, and we learn from all we face.

There is only one. Who can determine your outcome from what you read, and that is you. You chose what you add into your life, and all the readings that we do add and it will always stay with you. If you want to interact in your life’s understanding, the memberships in CAL is just about how to improve our lives, and how to help each other face our challenges. Reading good life coaching books is a great way of find out.

Here is a great list of books.

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