How To Do Mindfulness Meditation In 10 Minute. Based On Therapy That Works!

Theraphy mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness therapy: How to do mindfulness meditation. Decide what state of outcome are you seeking? – to be calm and clear – to be happy and joyful, or?

Those are the two subject, that we take up here now?

To find Calm and Clear.

What mindset do you need, if you need to be calm and clear? – you need to have a mindset, where you slow down, to be calm and clear is to get the perspectives free, so you have more space and more place within, there needs to be a gap, between all your thinking and a calm and clear mind.

Guided meditation and therapy

How do you stop thinking, how do you stop yourself in what you are doing?

One of the ways is, that you write all your thinking’s down, once they are on paper, list them and number them, so that you know, when to do what, ad a time to the numbers so you know, what to do and when, clear your mind and make room for you to be calm.

That is the simplest way of therapy to find a good solution on, how to be calm and clear. If your trouble is with a person, you could do the same, list the trouble you are facing and write down the solution you are willing to work for.

Define how to meditate mindfulness

The power of writing them Down, is to make it visible for you to see, what is spinning in your mind, we have many thoughts and we have many ways to solve those thoughts many of them never sees daylight and we end up spending time and thoughts on Things, that will never come to life, or we end up worrying about things, that will never happen. Mediation and therapy is not always, that we sit down and slow down, mindfulness is using our mind wisely in all we do

That is 10 minutes’ mindfulness meditation and mindfulness

If we spend time overthinking, we should look in the mirror and start doing instead of thinking. We need to move energy from our head and mind to our body and doing.

“All we think, is not worth anything if we do not do it”.

We must do what we say, and we must act as we say, once we start finding the balance, between what we say we do, and what we do. Then we are on our way.

We find the inner integrity, the inner integrity is a strong driver for us and once we really start working with it, we find out, who we really are. We learn to understand our moves and behaviors much better.

To be calm and clear, is an inner knowledge that, what we do is right for our outcome, because we do not have to worry and spend our time on things, that will not lead to anything except more worries and more mistakes in our lives. That is why to use mindfulness meditation is a strong tool to practice.

Did you ever notice, how some people always seem to find good long term friends, and others have trouble finding friends and keeping them? Our manners in, what we do reflex, how identic we are, and for others to feel and know, if they like to be among us, “we must show ourselves”.

The level we are on

If we do not, know who we are and what we are all about, we will find friends, that are in same stage as us, this Means, that when we look at life, we are at different levels, and we find friends, that are on the same levels in live as we are.

We do not have to be in the same levels of life on every level, but there must be something, that holds us together. We must have the ability to align with each other.

The membership ME a strong driver

This is why? ME is a powerful online network to join, because here you get at change to tell your story to other experienced people and as they do not know, who you are, their input is straight and simple, and therefore, when they listen to your story and give you new and fresh feedback, that can drag you out of the box.  When we define mindfulness meditation, it is what we see at good solving tools, meditation is a string of things that we do over and over again, and when we do this we get the result we aim for.

When we need to be calm and clear, we seek options for a wakeup call a way to move on and letting go. We need to cross the road and find new land

If we do, like we have always done, our outcome will also be, as expected and as we know, if we change and listen to other input, we get a chance to change.

Maybe, you find that how you are doing, is just the way that you want it or we may find out that the input we got, there are thinks in the input that we can use, that is the learning in our changing phase.

New mental ways – new doings

If that phase is new territory for us, meditation mindfulness will help us – one way to start is to make our own thinking simple.

We could think about it, just like traveling to another state, where we have never been before.

It is a new adventure where we have a chance to see, hear, feel and do differently. We get a chance to change things to something else. Think about, when you are calm when you are clear, and ask yourself, do I know what I am doing, do I know where I am going, and do I know what I want.

Yes, we do,

To have a calm and clear mind, we need to find, that new road, where we know, how to solve and work the contend of our doing, if we do not know, what to do, or how to proceed, that is when worries and trouble start filling up our thinking, we get unsure, we wait, we stand still, our doings becomes acts that are not good, and but when we are doing things that are what we seek then we also finds the  right outcome, then balance comes back to us and we fulfill or life with things that are right for us.

Start with the thought behind

The questions we need to ask ourselves is why do we not let it go, why do we hold on to things that are holding us from feeling good and great about ourselves and our surrounding.

Giving ourselves the chance to choose and look, is too giving others a chance for them to find out what is right for them, and if we go by it the right way, it opens up for even better relationships and understandings, because we show ourselves and we open up for our inner integrity.

To work meditation mindfulness with calm and clear is the to be true to yourself.

Meditation and mindfulness through happy and joyful

You can choice to work yourself from a different angle, by wanting to see life simple by using happiness and joyful.

To be happy and joyful is a choice we choose, and that comes from being aware and thankful for what is in your life here and right now. I know we can add more.

If you practice meditation mindfulness with gratitude, you will always find fulfillment which leaves to happiness and joy. To define mindfulness meditation is for you to use appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude, the strong values that drive to happiness and joy.

Use your mind wisely

To find joyful and a happy state of mind in short time, is to think of just one good thing, that has happened in your life and keeping, that picture alive, in your inner looking at it, feeling it and thinking of it just as it was present, take that state of mind with you in all you do, think the same, smile the same, act the same. Do this for a few seconds and then take that into the present.

“The world is as we decide to see it, and how we face it. Joyful and happiness comes from within and it is our mind and the way we work our mind that determines how we see things”.

Having said that, we all know, that we all need a chance, if we are bullied by others, we lose faith in our own minds and ways of doing things, that is why we need to find, that inner picture of, what makes us feel good, we can never be like others want us to be, but we can learn to be ourselves and find the people that like us as we are.

That is the sustainability in trusting ourselves and our own way.

There is only one you and therefore you are also the only one, who knows, what the inner picture or outcome of joyful and happiness is. We can in ME-MEMBER tell our story for others to hear and get the feedback that gives us the understanding of the gap, it is often from someone, we do not know, that we get the wakeup question, or we can decide to use MY to understand, what skills and knowledge is used. Coaching tools are powerful for changing our way and the outcome we want to achieve in life. When we mix coaching for change and meditation mindfulness we have a strong way of making it happen, the way we want.

One way to reach joyful and happiness is by using an inner picture and use that state of mind keeping it, holding on to who we are.

To be who you are is what gives you integrity and therefore you do not use up your energy trying to be someone you are not, when we are true to ourselves, the energy with flows and we do not have to do anything to keep the energy flowing.

Think about when you are among a good friend, think about how fast time flies and you feel relaxed. We think we can say anything and we feel free and we get the feeling of joyful and happiness.

Mindfulness-based therapy

To work with your own mind ten minutes a day is all it takes for you to find out who you really are, and once we know, who we really are and what we want we find peace of mind. Mindfulness-based therapy is a great way of achieving and finding our inner peace.

Inner peace is not equal to not doing, inner peace is hard work where we need to use mindfulness based therapy, we need to learn ourselves new good strategies, we need to see life as we see and understand it.

Which brings us back to the stage where it is okay to stop and think.

 am I doing the right thing,

what is right for me? as we know there is only one ME, and I have MY skills. Once we get the awareness that each of us all have an inner outcome, that makes us feel good, we also understand that we need to follow, what makes us feel, that we are doing the right thing.

A thing to try

Did you ever try doing your outstanding best, and yet everyone looked at you as they were asking what are you doing? When we are in our right environment thing comes easier to us, what we do is okay and what we say is okay and what we feel is okay. This does not mean that we only need to be among some of our own kinds, that is not, what this is about. this is about getting the awareness of that we are all different and we need to accept each other for the differences. It is the difference that challenge us, and It is how does mindfulness work when a difference is, and how to us mindfulness to keep in balance when we are among someone that is very different from us.

By Invitation Only

When we are different, we can add different perspectives to the task or contend, the input we get can be so much better, and in By Invitation Only, we interact with each other for improvements of outcomes in life, we seek and help each other with the right tools. skills and awareness. That is a place where practicing of how does mindfulness work, how to mindfulness in doing change is a helper in what you do.

Knowing that, we see the world differently gives us the chance to hear, what other are seeing without knowing who they are, and therefore we get a chance to get feedback from someone who see life very different from ourselves. This input is just words, and the feedback and input is what we can choose to listen to or we can choose to let it go.

It is for sure, that if we want to change our outcome ,we have to change the input.

The question is what is the different input, that we want and where do we think, that we can find it.

We live in a town today, where our son has been bullied from 8 families. the tears the hurt can never be forgotten, the lies, the hurt, how does one learn, how to move on and find a mind with trust, and where there is joyful and happiness, how does our son learn, how to trust and find friends that are not out to bully.

We are all challenged and it is not, what we face, but how we manage to move on and stay who we are. How we manage on keeping the trust and confidence in ourselves.

Your integrity comes back.

Looking back, on what we have been through, to find out what was going on, what they were doing and had been doing for 2 years gave our family our integrity back, for so long we did not understand, we were losing ourselves. We were in a phase, where we did not know, what was going on, and how come, we had so many questions every day, we did not understand, what was happening, until it all blew up. It was awful, but it all made so good sense and it gave us our own integrity back.

When you ask the question and you cannot find the logic in your mind, you start searching for what is right and wrong for you.  When we are challenged in life it is often, because we do not understand, how to solve the challenge, once the puzzle is clear, and we know what to do.

Then we the phase change, and we can act, we can do something.

If frustration is holding you, the use of mindfulness can give you the space to see, how to solve it

If you use mindfulness, It loses its power. The power is in knowing, what is right for you, the power is in being yourself, the power is following your good inner to achieve the outcome you are seeking and know you have.

How does mindfulness work

Listen to yourself and feel yourself for 10 minutes every day and notice the difference in your life. Mindfulness is your way.

When you do things that are for you, there is no doubt in your mind, and mindfulness is a tool and driver for that outcome.