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Life is perfect

You have a perfect picture inside, only you know, what is looks like, only you can make the perfect picture alive, you are the creator, you are the difference

We all face life school,

we all have life challenges and we all try the best we can, we do and act from our learning, by invitation only is a place to share your life and your way as coach, how do we do it, how do we learn to use ourselves even better, and how do we learn that our client’s topics and challenges are not ours.

We are not perfect, we are learning we are growing too, we have choice to make.

WE are all on a journey and being a coach or a mentor can be challenging

Every day we face new challenges, new ways, we see same topic in different form and every day we solve them, some better than others. What could I do better, how can I grow as a couch? We do many of the things we do, without even knowing why we do it or even pay attention or notice to it. We use all our skills and knowledge; we select in what we see.

Each day, we fore fill our goals, whatever there are and may be, and we are the experts or the captain of our lives.

We make it happen.

Here within ME, it is about ME, only I know what is right for me, only I can see my perfect inner picture and only I know what is right to do when, I decide what I want to go through and what I want to learn when.

What telling my story, hearing your story can give me, is a choice, a choice to make the difference, an opportunity.

When we support and help each other the best way, we know how.

Give good feedback, be a good friend, be one you would admire. We all know we are different, we know that each one of us are the only one, we are unique, we are one, We can share, we can listen, we can hear, we can feel, we can tell our story, we can learn, we can challenge,

What we can never do is, WE can never KNOW how it is done right for you.

I am ME and I am the only person that knows what my life is like, and I am the only one who know, what I know, and what knowledge I need, we are all different, we look different, we eat differently, we like different things, we do different sports, we are different.

Exactly therefore I need to hear your story, how you have solved your challenges, what skills you use, look how much we learn from many of the movie stars, they tell their story, we listen, we learn, we grow, and most important, we decide, when we are ready to learn, and when we are ready to grow.

Listening to your story gives me a choice, to see differently to choose.

I get to see that there are other ways of using tools and techniques and live, I get to respect that you have tried something else, I get to see that each one of us, has a different story and different values, I get to see that “my way” is not the “only way”. I get a choice to choose. I decide, I make the difference for my learning.


Life is love

We can achieve many things in life and it will give us a huge satisfaction, feeling love and doing things out of love brings us home to where we belong


Life is knowledge

For all we do in life, we know and feel, that when we are seeking the right knowledge, we grow and make wise choices to create the lives that are right

Any forum in CAL builds on decency, politeness, support, kindness, help and understanding. It is a place where, we share to improve ourselves. It is a place, where each of us take the time to do decent and good. We aim to be the friend we never had. We are all experienced people and we share our ways.

We tell our story within CAL to improve our own doing, to find our own outcome, we seek to improve ourselves. To be a better ME with MY knowledge. To BE WHO I AM.

We can do anything, we cannot do everything, that is our challenge and our choice to make for that will determine our outcome.

Our way to create the right thing and for the right choices will give us the outcome we are seeking and balance in our lives.

Be proud of what you do and do what is right for you

CAL coachingandlife for RPL

Share your story, read the stories of other, learn and grow.

Be the best you

Be a good friend,

Be a good listerner,

Be a good ME