I choose I make a choice

Make a choice – choose

IF you want it all – you might end up with nothing

Make a choice, choose. What life do I get, if I do not make a choice? We choose every day, every hour, every minute.

The people that are good at making choices get what they want? Is this right? So do we all have exactly what we want?

Let’s stop and think for just a moment – what did I do today that was an act for my goals, how many things did I do, that I just did because? Of what? how many times did I make a choice? how many times did I choose to do something that is not for my goal? What life do I get, if I do not work for my goals?

So tomorrow when I get up I will try and do the excise. I will count how many times I do it for me and the goals that I want to achieve?

I did not make many choices today, I did one good thing for my son and that was a great thing for me, we had good 2 hours together, being with him made me feel so glad, safe and hole. My heart smiles, and when I look him in the eyes I know what is important and how fast time goes. It makes me want to say, that the only really thing that stays with us is the feeling we had in the moment, and that is worth it all, getting as many good adventures of good feelings inside.

So if I do not work for my goals – what do I work for?

What challenges is it that I face, if I choice not to do things, that takes me in the direction of my goals.

What is it I have to learn?

What values are challenged? – what’s in the way?

We have so many choices, we can choose and today. It is so difficult to see, if we made a choice if we choose right and not at all.

Did I choose today?

In all we do, we make a choice, so we cannot chose, even I sit here and think, I did not make a choice today, I did, I choose to do all the things I did.

Let’s for a moment go back, so what did I get out of today, what can I add to my list? pass. I did the easy thing, what is expected of me by others and just let time pass.

today only one thing, the time spend with my son. We had good talks for 2 hours, this leaves 10 hours and the most of my day for what, this I will have to think about – for what

So if I am to change this, what steps do I need to take?

What mindset do I need to have?

What do you do every day when you make a choice – how do you choose?

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