Devotions on Thankfulness and How To Be Thankful in All Things

devotions on thankfulness

The devotions on thankfulness. It is that moment. We all know this moment. It is this moment, when we expect something else. We either expect for our fellows to get angry at us, or let us down, or walk away.

It is that moment, when someone stands up for you and stands next to you, it is that moment when for the right reasons you feel the difference. It is that moment, when you could have or would have given up, but made the choice to be and to do.

Thankfulness has two moments one where you feel it, and when you choice it.

When was the last time you made the choice to standby a person?

When was the last you felt it.

What is that makes us thankful, who are we?

Devotions on thankfulness is a mindset a way of doing and a way of living your life. You do and you are what happens makes you joyful, therefore you show you thankfulness.

It is not the large stones we pick in our lives that makes the difference it is the small things every day that makes all the difference in the world, and t is the small things, that could have changed the whole story:

When starting school, our son was bullied. It started out as a small innocents bullying from some of the boys, and of many reasons and properly mostly do to reason we do not know, this turned in to harassment, and further to reporting and a life for us that made it impossible to live in that town.

Where does it all beging

It all started with a family’s boy that visit us every day, every single day he came and he eat all he could get his fingers on. The mother then sends us an sms that we are not to give her son any food and if so only fruit, and then he did not show up any more. His mother was friends with a parent in our sons class, and at this time, we did not give it the attention we should have given it.

We should have known the stories that they told; we should have known what they would say in the group for parents, and what they were creating.

The facts, that we were presented for later clearly indicates the role of the parents, there e-mails to each other with all the stories more fiction than reality.

What worried us at that time and what was really going on cannot be compared. I hope for no one that they will ever experince anything like this.

What do I feel, in the moment when we all know.

It felt so awful and yet as such a relief, when the we were presented with the facts, but looking back –

We should, as parents have seen it much earlier, and we should have said stop, today we know, that we should never have been that open and honest. The school should have informed us much earlier, they must have known what was going on, and they should have informed us in the best way they could to prevent it from going further.

Looking back, we know much more facts, that our son was not only bullied by the children alone, this was going on between the parent too. Daily e-mails to other parents about stories of their imagination. Think about how thankful we are of what we know today, how thankful one feels when one finds out what is really happening and going on.

What do we know today

Knowing, where it all started and how bad it all turned out. That is nothing compared to the thankfulness we have for now knowing, who did what.That is the moment, where we make the unknown difference for each other, we all face those moments where we can choose to be quiet, where we can choose to let it go, where we know we are right, but we choose not to do it.

Always to press thing to the borderline will make a winner and a looser, and where we stand today our way will always be that we will remember who did what. We look, at the Messenger, that is the one. We look at and go for. We often never hear or get the message that they are trying to send.

Why did he do it, what was important.

  • Why does a child’s father choose to follow, write other parents, report another child? What is not right?
  • What are we not seeing and hearing.
  • Why do we not hear each other, or why is there no room for one and other. We are different and all our lives are different why are we so scared of the differences when there is not even one more of us, there is only you. You are the only one, even your sister or brother is not like you.

So why do we not like that things are different and why are we not seeing the interesting parts in being different. We do not see the strength in being different. We do not see the message, that they try to give. Why did they bully, what did they want to accomplice by harassing, what was the message that they wanted to send?

What could we have done, to change the situation. Facts is that we stand in a situation where we can never go back, there is no return from the hurt and we will always remember it and what it did to our family.

This is just one of many cases we see and hear about, but the difference with this case is that it is my story, it is my life, and I must find a way to live with, what it did to me, and it is not me only it is our family, we must live with the blame, the guilt, the shame.

The people that did this, do they even know what they did or where they just so busy getting the rights and way that they did not notice what they have done.

How can one live with oneself knowing?

One of the good question is, was it necessary and did they get a better life. To know that all this happened, to know that you took an active part in trying to hurt someone else so bad.

To hurt other does not make you, know who you are, it only takes you further away from knowing and from being thankful. You can never have a joyful mind if you hurt others.

Why because, when we use this kind of force, we lose even more because, when we look in the mirror you will always be the person that was not there for someone else, when they may have needed your support, help or guidance. There is a huge difference from letting it go, from not saying anything, or just to be polite, we do not need to take other people’s lives into our judgment, who do we think we are, what right do we think we have.

Because people are different, because we see the world differently, because we have different interest, because we have different skills, because we all are so great.

What is the puzzle, what is the missing brick.

Because of all this, when we add the puzzle up, we have a full picture. To know you did, what was right for you with the knowledge you have, knowing you did it for yourself, the awareness and the result. Thankfulness comes into mind, you know for all the right reasons.

We need the differences. We need the awareness, we need to have all this to create all the greatness we see in the world.When we try to do things, we never succeed the first time and when we are seeking friends moving to new places, we know that it is difficult, we know that people are different and that we need to look and adjust ourselves, we know.

We know that within each of us is a story, a story that is told through our lives. Each day we live we add a new page to our own story.

Our own thankfulness comes when we know that we use the moments that we have wisely. When we stop ourselves, our tongue has no bones but it can break a heart and a life.

Thankfulness to practice, thankfulness as a mind-set

To practice thankfulness is a way of understanding that moment, when we know that we must let go, we must be strong enough to know that we gain by letting go. Because that is what we would want others to do when they look at us.

For the once that stood by us, for the once that helped us, for the once that made that one moment worth You will always remember.

The others you will forget. They slip through and become a lesson for what you do not want, and next time you face anything like what you remember, you will walk away.

For my own part, I have forgiven and I have learned a lot, I know that thankfulness is so strong and what I have felt those moments, and I can recall those moments.

I know see those moments when other do it.

Just the other day we were sitting in the canteen and talking about the food, we have now buffet we have sandwiches and I asked, when will the buffet be back.

The answer from the person next to me, was that it is very nice that they keep giving up food, and that it is great that we have sandwiches even though the kitchen is being done

What happened, was he afraid that I was going to say?

Funny thing this was not my intention, but I got a feeling and I just stopped and did not say anything more, for me is was all about salat due to my stomach and bread.

To wonder is a question

I still wonder, what he thought I was going to say. That is what our lives is all the time, we assume and we think we know, when facts is, that we may not know and we may not know at all.

When we ask questions and we hear the answer, what we hear, we hear from where we ourselves stand. This may not be the intention from the person, we hear it. We can never understand more than from where we stand ourselves, that is our starting point, what we can do, if we want to be sure that we have understood correctly, is ask.

This is the chain of the practicing thankfulness is to stay in good level with all things, and we do through our own understanding, and our own reactions.

We know, what it is like to stand alone and feel, that no one understandings us, we know, and something is the same for all of us. We know that if we try new things, we challenge our comfort zone that our way our behavior or manners are not what others that has been in this zone for a life time is expecting.

We know that new people in new places see something and they do without questioning, and we know that new people in well-known places challenge the established in a ways, that can be very good and improving for everyone involved.

That is why we hear the questions, why do you do that?

What is that good for?

We question until we are, then we just do for reasons, we may or may not have forgotten. When this happens to us we face ourselves in a zone and place where we do not know why we have what we do, or why we spend our time the way we do.

We get the need for other to be like us, or behave like us, or eat like us. Because that is what you do.

How can you then fell thankfulness and know the moments when others gave you that breath or clap on the chin.

You cannot, because this is not what is happening. We do because we have always done it like this, we have stopped asking the questions, what is right for me and what do I like. When we stopped asking those questions, we became, what was expected of us. Therefore, we expect of others too, the same.

We use ourselves as a reflection, what we are saying, when we bully others is, that you must be as we are, if you want to be here. We use it for others to be in ways they may not be or even want to be.

Did we ever ask if they wanted to be part of our group, because we live in the same town, or go to the same sports does not mean that we want to be in the same level in life.

Knowing that we are different, knowing that we all within knows what is right for us, knowing that, how can we not practice thankfulness, the ability to step back, the courage to support, use our strength to help each other find our own way in a good positive way.

Our Choice we choose

Why do we choose to teach by fear, hate, judgment and jealousy, when we ourselves know that one of the most important and precious moments is the moment where someone stands by you. The moment of thankfulness because you stood by yourself.

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