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Decent close your eyes and think of what is DECENT. The people, that are decent, what is that they do. How did you feel, when you think about the situation, where you experienced the decency?

When is the last time that you knew something about someone and did not use it? The world we are in today shoots at everyone, with everything they know, and even if they do not know, they make it up.

How many people have their lives destroyed or broken from the harassments, the bullying, the extreme behavior from other, that has the intention of pushing you out?

There is the case where the harassing is so obvious and visible to everyone, then there is the bullying that takes place when no one sees it, and then there is the talk that you create when you speak bad about others.

Today where we are, we see the perfect couple and their perfect kids, she works for an organization that safes children, jet she is the one that sends e-mails out to more than 400 parents harassing and making sure, that a kid is thrown out of school. No one sees her as being the person that harasses and bullies other people.

To be decent is to do the right thing even when no one is looking. To be decent is to do, how you would like others to be to you.

There are many ways in life. Our different talent and skills makes each one of us unique, some find their talents even faster in life, when they are forced where as others get pushed over the edge.

Even CAL started this way, the harassments, the talk behind one’s bag, the lies, the made up stories. With nowhere to go, the shame, the disappointment, the misunderstandings, missing hope and the sad feelings. Whit nowhere to tell my story, with no one to hear, what was I saying.

To be decent we focus on ourselves, what am I to do, and we must always acknowledge that sometimes walk away is what is right for us, where we are is not our journey.

Being decent is an honor and admirable for our inner self, we are decent for our own sake and journey, because when we are, it says everything about us, at the end of the day, it is what we do that is a fact and those facts are the power stones in ourselves and no one else’s.


It is the most difficult choice to choose at times, but it is the choice, that makes us better and most important choice, this ensures that we never spend any thoughts on it and we can move on with our journey.

That is what is important to do things that gives us peace of mind.

Think about a tour, a venture, a trip, where you have a goal to reach or an outcome, you have agreed to do this, with all the excitement, you are looking forward to seeing and doing, would you go the wrong way, would you do the wrong things.

What we always do is close our eyes to see, what to do, to find the power within to do, what we have agreed with ourselves.

It is when we do not have enough knowledge about ourselves that we seek ways to get out and we need to brake out.

Answers does not come from the outside, you have all the answers, they are inside of you.

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From all of us in CAL

to you,

We hope you will have joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room and space for you to express yourself in a decent way, may your story help others, and

We learn so much from one another, remember CAL does not have the answers, CAL makes the space. You are responsible and knowledge is power, use it wisely in all you do.


IT TAKES a good portion of STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be WHO you are, in a World, that is constantly CHANGING, Knowledge today has no use tomorrow, Skills today is outnumbered tomorrow. Who am I in all this, only you know WHO you are, and what potential you have, use your wisdom wisely.

CAL Coachingandlife for RPL