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Seeking Certified Life Coaches – if you are an entrepreneur – you may be what we are looking for?

Coaching and Life (CAL) is looking for new and experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic professional coaches in the US.

If you are a certified professional coach, you may be a good fit to partner with CAL as an

  • Independent Contractor Coach and workshop facilitator for our growing community, you join a team while you stille have your own way

Sales Ambassador

You like bringing people together to talk and listen to life victories and challenge if this is you, you may wish to aply to be our Sales Ambassador. You like organising and bring people together. You are a facilitator who supports the life coaches. You run your own forum and update your members, you make things happen. If this describes you then send us your application today.


CAL is a life coaching network, forum and community. Life on every level and for all of us, this is a place where we all can meet with one thing in mind, we want to make life better, it is about being our best,supporting each other, it is your place to be to create the life you want to live.


If this describes you, please send a bio and resume to

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