Even coaches face lack of confidence

Even coaches face lack of confidence

Where do we get out confidence from ?

Is this not from all the times when we were children, when we were told – wow you are doing good and this is the right thing to do.

We lose our conficence, when we are told we must do it differently – and if this continues.

How do we find the peace and mindfulness inside, we need to stop and look what is happening around … Read the rest

How to learn mindfulness

How To Learn Mindfulness The Right Way

How to learn mindfulness is a state of mind. It is a state where you are present in what you do; it is knowing, that you do the right thing for you, in the moment right now.

Learning about mindfulness can be together with your family when you are together, it is to be the friend, you want to be, and it is to know that you do your best in the present situation.

Why, then you never have to … Read the rest

quotes about thankfulness

All The Best Quotes About Thankfulness

Are you looking for quotes about thankfulness? In this chapter, we go behind the word thank you as well as the quote thankful. We seek, We pray, We hope, We know, We have more to give.

The words, that heal, the look that makes you know you are loved, the touch that makes you feel special. We know, the moments and for all those moments, we are thankful. We know and we are thankful because, it is, those moments that … Read the rest

Free mindfulness training and list of free education

Mindfulness Training: The Ultimative FREE List of Education

Mindfulness training and our collection of FREE education places to get started. This article is about how to practice mindfulness every day and how find your awareness of what is important.

Be who you are,

That is the hardest thing for all us, and what we must practice every day. How to be who we are. The strange thing is, that who we are, is all we have, at the end of the day, who we are, is all that … Read the rest


Fitting And How You Use Fitting in Life


Fit has become a daily part of what we seek and want or else we change. We fit the job, fit the family, fit friend and fit outfit the right, fit music. There are many terms for that fit. We seek the match in all we do.

When we apply for a job, we are tested and we ensure that we are the right match. On-line you can match yourself. Fitting is what we seek and what we aim … Read the rest


Values in life

The meaning of giving life meaning?


My challenge is to understand: Are my values giving me the outcome I want?


What really matters when we thing about? how do we learn to master for ourselves what makes meaning?

What knowledge do we need to be aware of, to have the outcome and meaning that is important to us as humans.

Let’s challenge each other, what values are the most important to give our lives the outcome and meaning … Read the rest

Family, Health

The heart in the right place – is what gives you success

The heart in the right place

Do you have your heart in the right place? Do you what you stand for? Do you what values are in your heart? Do you the compromises you make? Do you who you are?  This blog gives inputs and indications to you about, what it means to have the heart in the right place today. What is the wake-up call you need to have to find out, who you really are and if you … Read the rest


Talk to ME – and – I will listen

There is so much information out there, and all the information is so easy to access, that it is only one click away. Everywhere I go, there are commercials playing and everyone is trying to tell or sell me something.


Learning to be in the right network

Know the right things


Just take one look at today. Amazon has the Alexa you can ask her anything. There is not the news, music or information that she cannot collect. … Read the rest

This is Must Read Life Coaching Books and Article
Life Coach

Must Read Life Coaching Books

Are you searching for life coaching books? If yes – then this chapter is just for you.

Seeking new information and wanting to read is a great way to hear and learn the story of others, we learn so much for reading the story of others. We get to align with our own life and wishes in so many ways.

When we start looking for books to read, we do because

There is; something you would like to know? What … Read the rest


The choice that changes everything

Resume of the blog;

The choice that changes everything is the decision to change how you react to all the small things that accrue every day. It is the decision that you make right now, the smile you decide to give your wife, the comfort you offer to another person right now, it is the – Oh I am sorry – you give this moment.

It is the decision to do it, get up and get the salt, read with … Read the rest