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10 things How to Practice Your Mind in Real Life

With your mind, you create the life you live and where you stand ~

Your mind is your tool and ability to achieve your outcome, to have an active mind does not have to be stressful, to have a mind, that is not practicing can be stressful ~fullfil your goals and trust what you have with

It is your practice of your mind, that has created everything you stand for where you are right now.

So what do you do, Read the rest

Life Coach

You can care so much, that there is nothing to care for.

If you think about it, you know, you know when you have crossed the line and what you do gives you the wrong results. To over protect, to care too much, to want to do the right.

ALL HAVE A BLANCE – and it is to understand that balance.

If you for a moment look at how you measure yourselves on “the intention”, the intention is that I want the best result for what I am thinking, I want … Read the rest

devotions on thankfulness

Devotions on Thankfulness and How To Be Thankful in All Things

The devotions on thankfulness. It is that moment. We all know this moment. It is this moment, when we expect something else. We either expect for our fellows to get angry at us, or let us down, or walk away.

It is that moment, when someone stands up for you and stands next to you, it is that moment when for the right reasons you feel the difference. It is that moment, when you could have or would have given … Read the rest


Use the gab tool to make the change

Gap tool. A great way to change your way and redefine what you are. This a good way to find out what you would like to more of and what you would like to let go.

What do you want ?,

Work from where do you stand today? Why did you choice to come to where you are today? This is your story, and only you know if this is right or wrong for you.

Do you see the missing … Read the rest


Ask Questions To Guide You To Move On

What phases do you go through, what do you need to work yourselves through to be able to move on, to get the life back you once had, where you saw joy and happiness in your doing?

How do you get it back to that point and are you thinking: is there something wrong with me?

Being bullied and being the one blamed takes a long time to get over if this ever happens.


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Article about Top Life Coaches and What the Really do
Life Coach

The Hidden Mystery Behind Top Life Coaches

What is the trick behind top life coaches to achieve top results, what is that they do, that we are all searching for, is it just a trick to learn or what is behind the mystery?

Is it something, that we can all learn and do, or is it for the few to achieve. Mystery in coaching is a strength within, it is not to be seen, it is to be experienced. You know when you meet a great mentor … Read the rest


The high impact of sharing knowledge

Had I only known what I know today? There is so much power in sharing your story, mostly because you will find out that you are not alone. When you share your story you see help and support arise from corners you never knew were there. It gives meaning to life is a circle.

Does those words sound familiar then you are in the right place, there is nothing as powerful as being among the right people to achieve the … Read the rest

What is mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness? Best Guided Research For Beginners

What is mindfulness and what is the meaning? Our research is based on knowledge. This + 2.000 word guided article are for beginners.

Let’s get started with: What is mindfulness? Short described is it a mind in balance with what you do and what your are. A mind that has the ability to be present in the moment, a mind that is in a state where you are aware, present and listening not only to what is going on around … Read the rest