7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us.


Be where you are and know where you are going.

What do you aim for? Did you ever hear those words, and did you listen to them?

Doing this blog, I will take you through 7 important life lessons mindful taught us. Not only me but you and me equal to us.

How many times have you been upset and got angry, looking back did you win or did you lose. You may have won the argument but the … Read the rest


Design Your Way

Design your way.         

Make it happen, make the difference you need in order to make it happen, only you can do, only you know,  what it requires to make it happen. Within coaching, we believe that each goal or outcome start with the

Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want.

Positively stated, it must be positively formulated, you can not, not think about a pink elephant

Resourced and realistic, you must have or acquire the … Read the rest

define thankfulness

How to Define Thankfulness

Let’s define thankfulness: Our own level and understanding of our doings in life is the short definition of being thankful. Be yourself, be who you are.

How we define thankfulness, and show our own appreciation, that is what is means to be thankful, and only a heart can understand, what it means to be thankful. Only a heart with the experience knows.

What is it all about,

If we are not to be thankful for, what we do and achieve. … Read the rest

Business life coaching

The way we are at work, and how not to do

How not to do at work –

10 things that I failed on and for you to know

First to look in the mirror and to know that the whole world knows you failed, that is one thing, to be at work and see that everyone is talking about you, just not with you, that is the hard part. To know that others could have helped and to know that I myself one time did this, made me feel bad, … Read the rest

mindfulness techniques

Is Mindfulness Techniques Any Good? Ten Ways You Can Be Certain

A technique is a particular method of doing an activity. In this article you will get 10 mindfulness techniques to use in your daily activity.

Follow your guts, do what it takes and be who you are. The first time you do thing, where you let go of your inner, you will feel sad and sorry in a way it is very hard to do.

You can never be anything else that all we have who we are, and one … Read the rest


It Is Your Attitude And Your Intention.

Ask yourself where you went wrong, what did you over/underestimate. What went wrong? You had an intention when you set off.

What was the intension and what went wrong? This blog is about attitude and intentions why we do not get the results we aim for, why intentions and attitude go strongly hand in hand.

Let take one step back and look at the mindset you use to create your results. If you want a good outcome, this is the … Read the rest

Life Coach

Set Goal And Change Your Life Find Your Key Stones In Life

How Goals Is Going To Change Your personal Strategies.

Are you changing your way, or are you doing the same as usual, just telling yourself a different story, that you have changed?

Once you set yourself goal to achieve something, you will feel so wonderful and free, you will know, that you need to do something and if not, you will start spending time on what to do, and you know that it will change you, you will become, what … Read the rest


Change It – ALL – 5 Reason Why You Really Want Good Life Balance

What it is all about, think about it, what is the last thing you see and think about at the end of the day when darkness hits.It’s all about who you are and who you work hard every day to be.

Who are you? What role are you playing? Most important for you is, where is the role you are playing leading you?

Think about, the last face you see at the end of the day is your’s When dawn … Read the rest


Trust in an Unstable World

Trust in an Unstable World

By  – Brenda Tippitt –

“Trust is the Foundation of every healthy Relationship.” Dave Willis

Trust is a vital element missing in our society.  I remember when the ‘Michael Brown’ tragic occurred in Ferguson Missouri, I was in my third year of college pursuing a master degree in human service with my concentration in psychology.  My Social Sciences class was given an assignment to write a paper on modern society and the causes of separation … Read the rest