mindfulness based stress reduction training

Guaranteed Stress Reduction Based On Mindfulness

Welcome to this training about mindfulness based stress reduction. Be who you are and listen to your inner, be who you are, where you are, be who you are and do your best, look inside for what gives you a mind filled with peace.Those are wise words, and yet so difficult to achieve, mindfulness is a tool for stress reduction.

Mindfulness for stress reduction.

Because you stress if you are using your energy to find out how to be, what … Read the rest

How To Become a Life Coach in USA
Life Coach

Five Reasons Why How To Become A Life Coach Is Common In USA

How to become a life coach

Life coaching is what we do every day, we teach our children, we give our friends advice, we talk in the families. Five reasons why how to become a life coach is common In USA it is our life, that is what we do. We move on every day in the wish, that what we are doing will give us the family, the adventures and the outcome we seek in ourselves and in our … Read the rest

Life Coach

10 Reasons to Write Your Life Challenges and Get Feedback

It is what BY-INVITATION-ONLY is all about, your invitation to get feedback for you to conquer your life challenges.

Why scrutinize? When we write things down, we take the time to get the topic, the issue our challenge in life out of our heads, sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves over and over again. We take our mind into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL … Read the rest


Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End

Don’t give up
How can you know, what round in life this is? Life goes up, and life goes down, life changes, life moves on, and how it goes forward is all up to you. To say you lost is just this moment, you did not lose out anything you learned so much. You saw the actual color of the people you dealt with, who they are, what they are willing to do. The best learning life school can give … Read the rest


Begin with the End ~10 ways to make a good choice ~ the right way

Know why you do it and know that once you have done it, it will stay with you forever. Everyone else will forget and move on, but what you do and will define, who you become, that is why good behavior and good business is long lasting and trustworthy. People will always remember the good you did everything else we forget.
Take yourself to be a robust extended lasting version.

How do you think you are going to achieve the … Read the rest

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The Power of Stress and Stress gives You Power.

The power of stress and stress gives power.

Think about: you can know anything, but do not know everything, that’s the power of stress. You can do anything, just not everything.

You may think you know, what you are solving, yet you do not know the consequences it brings along for yourself how it affects your own soul and spirit. Who you become, what it brings to you over time, that at the end will define who you are.

How … Read the rest


10 things we forget when we are Angry.

What happens when we get angry, most of the time it is our own lack of what to do, or how to solve the topic, that makes us angry, we do not know, what to do, we have many choices and the one that comes to us is to get angry. thinking about it while you read here, what do we solve? – do we give others a chance to understand us, do we understand them, why do we even … Read the rest


Change is a gift You must open the box. It is for You

You see and feel so much of yourself, when you go through a period of change, sometimes you take upon yourself the change because you realize and understand that where you are and where you want to be is not equal, you see the gap and you react on the gap, sometimes is a love leaves us, or we are fired we are given a change in a different way we did not see it coming and we were not … Read the rest

Life Coach

Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – Is The Use of Gab tool.

What do you want, where do you stand today? Why did you choice to come to where you are today? This is your story, and only you know if this is right or wrong for you.

Think of a case doing you read to know how to use the Gab tool for you, add it to the forum and remember to say that you are using the gab tool.

Do you see the missing bricks or links, do you … Read the rest