Begin with the End ~10 ways to make a good choice ~ the right way

Know why you do it and know that once you have done it, it will stay with you forever. Everyone else will forget and move on, but what you do and will define, who you become, that is why good behavior and good business is long lasting and trustworthy. People will always remember the good you did everything else we forget.
Take yourself to be a robust extended lasting version.

How do you think you are going to achieve the outcome you want, do you think you become an alcoholic with one drink here and there, or do you think you become a good runner with running once in a while.

Use your right logic sense, ask yourself right logic questions.

Here are my first 10 and if they are not the right once, please add to the list, we need all the questions to choose from, so we can make the right choice for ourselves.

We make choices every all the time, what is a wise decision and the right choice to make, on what basis do we make your selections.

If you think about it listen to all the saying, you learn from your mistakes, you grow with the task, you learn from teaching, learning by during and I could go on. The important thing is to find out, when and what is it that makes you make the right choice for you, and can you learn any of it from any of us, and please bid in, what are you thinking – when do we learn?

Can we copy each other?

People you look at, that are making good and wise choices, how are there lives? What is it that you compare?

When we make a choice? How aware are we?

Reading this is making a choice, and if you are not going to use it or you do not get anything out of it, then it is a waste of your time, and they stop – do something that adds to your life.

When we decide to make a wise choice we need to be aware of how we are making our decisions, we go through faces and many of them we are not even aware of what we are doing, just by making ourselves aware of the phases we go through, this alone helps us make wise choices.

Some of the values that influence our choices are the strength, belief, awareness, our knowledge and level in the subject, how perfect an inner picture we have and the love we feel for ourselves and the choice we are about to make, we go through is:

Strength – Belief – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust – You can only do if you are invited.

We make choices, many time a day, it becomes a habit making a decision, we have an inner strategy for how to choose, the approach we have may be useful, and if we want to improve it to be even better, it can be micro things that we need to change. Facts are that if we take the time to look over and do things with a positive awareness, we have changes that our strategy will be even better, you can change anytime, and only you can say what is right for you or if your spiritual approach already is the best. Do you make the right choices; do you get out of life what you want?

If we take a closer look at the values we use in our daily life when making a choice a large or small, it does not matter and if you practice and look inside you will see that some of the values in those you are strong and in some not so high, you already do a great job, you make choices and decisions every day, every minute, are you going the way you want?

Strength – Belief – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust – You can only do if you are invited to my private forum


We need to have the strength to do it; we need to be willing to do what it takes to have the outcome we are seeking, here we need to be really aware that your outcome. What is perfect for you may not be right for me, and not ideal for me, you are a unique combination and therefore your strength and capability, you are the only one who knows, this is why you need to look inside and feel.

You are going to make a choice a wise one, what strength do you have? And if you do not have the power you need, find out what you need to believe, to make a choice, be aware and seek the knowledge, so you think the outcome is perfect to you, love yourself for your choice and trust, that you have done, what is right for you.

Know that you have the strength to make the right thing happen for you.

You are ready to make an excellent right wise choice for you if you look at each step and listen to yourself. You have the strength, and you have the answers.

Why are you in doubt? If you like to be challenged, get advice from other or if you are seeking support or asking for feedback.

Strength – Belief – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust – You can only do if you are invited.


You would never even be thinking of choosing if you did not believe, belief is a substantial value, and for thinks we can do it, think about when you speak with people that truly believe, we even have sayings “are you a believer.”

We do it and do we think that is how we do or are we not aware, that we make many choices out of our beliefs. Believes can be so many different things and therefore also one of the most complex values we face and challenge, you can never discuss with a person, that does something out of belief, and most of our expectations are hard to challenge, because if you believe this is how it is, how can it be different.

Because belief is so firm and can at times go beyond borders, we could never understand. If you believe you can do it, you can. Think can make you move mountains, or believe can make dreams come true, it is your belief that makes the first steps from taking a change, a challenge an idea to next level when you change it, from something inside to a doing for all to see. Did you ever hear something inside so high, that I had to do it, dreams without a deadline is a wish, if you can dream it you can do it, all these lyrics and sayings are all very wise and a part of the journey for us to make the change? Other sayings are, from nothing comes nothing, if you add nothing, you get nothing.

It is our belief, which makes us, make a choice, am I going to do it? Because I believe, I can do it,  so here we take and make a decision to make it a life, we take it from our inside out, it will soon be possible for others to see, what we believe, how we do, about what we think, how we treat it, and bear it, and how we work it, maybe this is why we often keep our dreams and believes to ourselves, we are not ready to share it, tell it or get challenged, you have to dare, you have to trust yourself, without that we thinking it and it stays inside as a dream a wish.

We have to use our awareness to look at ourselves to see what we believe, and if our beliefs are taking us to the outcome where we want to be, we need to look inside at our beliefs to understand and see our choices, how aware are we in, what we believe? Do we trust, what we feel and are our minds in peace to make the right choice?

Think about the power that fore fills you, when you believe you get strong, there is nothing you cannot do when you believe, it is when your beliefs are in doubt, that you lose strength. Your inner opens up for something else, why? What is not in place for you to believe, what is missing, why are you in doubt, why are you questions yourself, the one and the only person you go through your whole life with, why and how can opinions of others make you doubt, what is it you need to know, what knowledge are you not aware of, what feel or brick is missing, we have a saying the missing link, that is just what we need in order to know, that we believe, you need to think to do it or get it, you do not always need to do it yourself if you see, trust, love you open to other ways of doing it, we are all different, and we do things different ways, and we all believe that we do it right,  if you think it, it will happen and your believes will make it happen. So when you close your eyes, and you have the inner peace you know, if you think. You know what is right. You know how to make the right choice. It is when we neglect those few seconds or time that we make a wrong turn. We know you do what is right for you.  You need to be aware.

Strength – Belief – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust – You can only do if you are invited.



How aware are you? Where you stand today, rate yourself to get an understanding of how mature you are, rate yourself on factual, analytic, rules and intuition, to get the awareness you need to make a wise choice.

How free are you? Free to make the right choices, free in mind setting and free option settings, what is to keep and what is to let go?

How stuck? Is there something you do not under any circumstances want to let go of? And do you know if this part is the thing that you need to investigate even better or more to understand if this is the issue or case that is holding you back from making a wise choice?

Sometimes we need to look even better to find out what is happening, and getting the awareness of what is preventing you or pushing you forward to making a fast choice.

Think about the book, who took my cheese, which is about, making the first right choice, the sooner, the better and if you do not the problems escalate, the better we know ourselves and are in the present aware we do wise – or what do you think?

Are you making your choices on habits, just not thinking about it, just doing as you always do, or as you feel obligated to and taught?

Your awareness will determine how a mature choice you will take,

Your inner calmness determines how clear and well you see from more angles? Which brings us to the mindfulness which means if so that it all goes in circle and that making a good choice can never stand alone, we must work our inner mind, and get the right mindset or have the right mindset to make decisions that we want

We learn we grow in all we do we seek to do the best we can so life is like a flower that grows into beauty if we give the right circumstances, when we look a flower, we know, we see, we give it the proper attention, and this we know how to do, so we need to use the same skills and attention when we make a choice?

What would you like to add?


Strength – Belief – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust – You can only do if you are invited.


How can you choose if you do not have something to choose between? So to choose if must be because there is more than one thing you can do. Today we have so many choices, and this is why it is difficult, the last 50 years has developed so many decisions for us that every step we take or do is a choice. That is also why making a good, wise choice now is more important than it was years back. No, you are in charge of your life, the responsibility of your life is yours alone, you need to seek the knowledge you need to have to, to create the experience you want, look at what you know today, and the knowledge you have is it taking you where you want to go. It is not so important to have focused on where we come from as the focus on where we want to go. What we do need to know is, that if you early in life have learned knowledge you can use, you have a great help in our life, because you already know a lot. The combination of the experience you have is unique for you, no one has tried or done the same as you in the same moments of time, there can be others with similar knowledge, you are unique and so is everyone else, with respect for this, we can seek more awareness and education to take and make wise choices for our lives.

You seek knowledge and understanding to get and find the trust, strength and believes you need to make a choice the right choice of all the things you can choose from and strange all the answers are out there all you have to do is to listen. Use others in right manner, ask right questions, do things for the right reasons, then you will find the knowledge you are seeking. Know that when you make a choice, you do it because you know it is the right choice for you, you know. You trust yourself and know why.


How does the word perfect sound in your ears? Sometimes for many of us complete comes out wrong, and we have to learn that there are many perfects, how it looks and perfect is for the eyes that see, it is for the ears that hear, it is for the feel we get. Perfect is not only for the eyes, but it is also so much more, perfect for you may not be perfect for me. We can have many similar perfects and yet not the same. When making a good choice, think of what is perfect for you, how you want it, paint a picture for you to see, look at it, is it giving you the feeling you are seeking, is that what you want? I wanted to be a layer; I want to do justice I wanted things to be fair. I did not know what to read and sit still all day, so layer was not perfect for me, I need to do something else. So the value justice and fair was not strong enough to carry the outcome, my picture inside was different than the reality, this can at times be our challenge and why it is good to hear what movies we say, so we get an understand of the picture we have, our own perfect images of what is right. Others can help us see the film, but they can never know what the right choice is or what is complete you are the owner of that. Only you can see, only you can feel, just you can hear, this is yours. So you can tell your story, you can get advice so you can look and see even better, you need to have the clear picture in your mind. If your picture in your mind is not clear, then it will never be as you want or as you wish, remember it is for this reason we later will find out that, this is not the perfect picture and therefor you will need to change it, or you will change the perfect picture.

A lot of this happens to you automatically and it takes seconds it is not until we start working with ourselves to improve or get better that we discover how important our perfect inner picture is. Close your eyes and what do you see, what movies do you have and how do you let them drive you.


A choice of love, I choose to choose out of love. Let us never comment on that one, because this is how we help each other most powerfully and it is wonderful to do something out of love for others. We can do that a lot.

What we have to be sure of is that it does not take us and take our outcome and desire in life, we need to know that when we do thing out love for others, we have to remember that, that was the reason for why we did it. We cannot wake up one morning and then feel that we have gone no were, that we have accompliced nothing,  and we cannot blame or judge anyone,  real love is for you too, find your way, keep going, if you have things you would like to change do not look back and start making regrets move forward, think forward and use little time on the past, take what you have learned and use it to make the future you want, the future for the love you feel for yourself,


Trust is what we put into it, what we make of it, what be let others do, where we do not take over or question, we trust for many reasons, trust is one of the first things in life we learn, we trust our parents through all of our childhood, (yes I am aware of that it is not like this for all) for most we learn in life, that trust is a strange factor, a factor that is very powerful, if you can get the trust of another person, you

Without trust in what we do, we will not accomplice anything it is the believe mixed with trust that makes us take the first step, we dare to jump into the water, we trust that we can learn how to do it, we trust our parents, we trust our friends, we believe and trust, that they want, what is best for us, we trust their doings, we trust that they have the same perfect inner look of the outcome. When making a good, wise choice or decision you need to trust you, you are the most important, and you need to look inside, have the peace and harmony that is required for you to make a choice, you need to trust you.

If you cannot trust yourself, if you do not know what is the wise right choice, then you need to stop and think again what is not right for you, why are you in doubt, what do you need? What is missing or not present or what is too much? Close your eyes and breath deep, feel the shoulders fall, what do you need to do, what do you need not to do? A right choice you know, because you have it, an option in a panic an opportunity for all the wrong reasons is tough to make. Trust yourself in every decision you make and do, and do make choices when you are happy or when you are sad, make your choice when you are ready, when you have the trust for yourself, then the foundation for a good smart opportunity is there, and this is all the time because once you trust yourself, you will do and can you follow your capability and you know your strength, you know what you need to do, what knowledge you need to seek, who you love and who loves you, you love yourself for being you. Only you know you, the way that is necessary to trust yourself. You are the one to believe, be for yourself and others as you would want them to be for us, be the example.

By invitation only,

Make a wise and good choice is all up to you, your ability to work your values and some of the benefits are mentioned here, there are move and we can always go one step deeper, if you want to explore and work through subjects in life, you will find that all the things that others will say and give you only have value if you invite them, your invitation that you open up and listen offers you an opportunity in finding new ways of making a choice on.

Within you is the capability, the perfect picture and the ability to make it, and you are ready you can do it.

Use do and be who you are. Enjoy life and all the great that you do.


Strength – Believe – Awareness – Knowledge -Perfect – Love – Trust –

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