Call my name I am me, Transforming MY to ME.

My skills that I use to create me, is who I am. I can choose to invite you to share what I think and what I know, that will take us – to by-invitation-only. The forum where you/I shape you/my life from the story and the knowledge you/I process. We do the best we can, from what we know, and if we do not know, we are outsmarted. Life knowledge, life stories can help and guide us.

In all we Read the rest


10 Reasons to write how you feel and get feedback

10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feedback

Why scrutinize? When we write things down, we take the time to get the topic, the issue our challenge in life out of our heads, sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves over and over again. We take our mind into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is right, here you get to write your … Read the rest


Life Rules And How We Play Them: It is about You and Me our dream journey.

The first step that comes to mind is; Is it perfect? Is it the best?

No, nothing on this site is complete, or the best, that is what CAL is all about seeking our way, Finding out if you or I have opportunities to support one another to improve our understanding and thereby improve our way.

Think back for a moment, who do you think about, when thinking about improving yourself and what you do?

I think about the people, … Read the rest

Life Coach

Is Your Relationship With Self In Crisis?

Is Your Relationship With Self In Crisis?

~ Dr. Tracy Turner, CHLC ~

Relationship,a noun as defined by, a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings. Based on the definition of relationship, we can grasp how its meaning can be applied to our relationships with others, but how do we apply this definition to our relationship with our self? Well, let’s start at the beginning with the word relationship, which gives reference to an existing state … Read the rest

Life Coach

The Power Of Rules of life . Define Who You Are

I Will Never be WHO I Was – what hurts the most is, the thoughts that come to mind, when I think of the people. I wish they bought good things out in you, made you smile and admire, I want to smile and think they are smart, intelligent and wise. Instead words like cheat, crooked, lies, evil are coming to mind. The magic is gone.

I am healing, and I start over, and I am thankful that it happened … Read the rest


Discipline or even better self-discipline. How to Keep Stress Away

When things go you way you ride a wave.

When things do not you learn your strenght and ability.

Mindfulness and stress are opponents – think about the disipline that takes you in either direction.

Why is discipline so needed, and when we use to control what do we gain. When we think about it, we all need a way out, a way in, a change, we need to find a way to do it. When thinking back and thinking … Read the rest


Change It – ALL – 5 Reason Why You Really Want Good Life Balance

What it is all about, think about it, what is the last thing you see and think about at the end of the day when darkness hits.It’s all about who you are and who you work hard every day to be.

Who are you? What role are you playing? Most important for you is, where is the role you are playing leading you?

Think about, the last face you see at the end of the day is your’s When dawn … Read the rest

What is a Life Coach and the secrets behind

In What We Trust, How Important Our Inner Guidance Is.

In What We Trust, How Important Our Inner Guidance Is.

What is this all about, we have information overload, and we are boomed every single day with so much, that we can do, and so much, that we must do. Life is one line of choices to make, but what is right?

Here follow a few of the questions that we all must have:

What is the right thing to listen to? What is the right thing to do?  – … Read the rest

Spiritual Life Coach for a Better Life
Life Coach

Seven Spiritual Life Coach That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Life coaching is a powerful tool to achieve the outcome, we are seeking and some may call it spiritual life coach or some may call it hard work to achieve the outcome we seek in life.

Seven Spiritual Life Coach, That Will Actually Make Your Life Better, because you have within seven spiritual thoughts of how to. You know and that is the difference

Life and time

Life and time is changing and for some faster than other depending … Read the rest

mindfulness based stress reduction training

Guaranteed Stress Reduction Based On Mindfulness

Welcome to this training about mindfulness based stress reduction. Be who you are and listen to your inner, be who you are, where you are, be who you are and do your best, look inside for what gives you a mind filled with peace.Those are wise words, and yet so difficult to achieve, mindfulness is a tool for stress reduction.

Mindfulness for stress reduction.

Because you stress if you are using your energy to find out how to be, what … Read the rest